Aston Martin address Lance Stroll’s horror crash

Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll suffered a horrific shunt during qualifying for the 2023 Singapore GP.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll has received commendation from his team principal, Mike Krack, for his unwavering commitment in the face of adversity. 

While Stroll did not participate in today’s Singapore Grand Prix due to the severe impact with the track barrier at the final corner.

Stroll’s determination to push his limits became evident as he explained his daring approach to the last corner in an attempt to secure a place in Q2. 

Despite facing criticism throughout the year for failing to make it to Q3 in over half of the races, his commitment has not wavered. 

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His teammate, Fernando Alonso, has consistently qualified in the top ten, intensifying the scrutiny on Stroll’s performance.

Krack, in defence of Stroll, urged his detractors to recognise the dedication demonstrated by the Canadian driver. 

He emphasised that taking a corner at such high speeds requires exceptional commitment, showcasing Stroll’s unwavering resolve. 

Krack further asserted his belief that the crash would not dent Stroll’s confidence, describing him as remarkably strong, both mentally and physically.

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Krack dispelled concerns about Stroll’s ability to compete in the upcoming Suzuka race, assuring that there is “zero” chance of him missing it. 

The decision to withdraw Stroll from the Singapore Grand Prix was reached following discussions involving Krack, Tom McCullough, Dan Fallows, and Andy Stevenson. 

Stroll reported not feeling at his best this morning, and the team prioritised his well-being over the race.

While Stroll was cleared by the FIA for participation, Krack noted that he still experiences some neck soreness, attributing it to the physical stress endured during the crash. 

He emphasised the importance of being in optimal condition for the quick turnaround before the Japan race.

The setback in Singapore has left Aston Martin trailing behind Ferrari in the constructors’ championship. 

With rival teams starting in favourable positions on the grid and only Fernando Alonso representing Aston Martin, there is a looming risk of falling further behind. 

Krack acknowledged the concern regarding points but emphasised that Stroll’s well-being takes precedence.

With Stroll recounting how his qualifying run was compromised by being held up by Logan Sargeant and struggling to find a clear space for his final lap, Aston Martin’s technical director, Dan Fallows, pledged to address such situations in the future. 

Fallows detailed the sequence of events that hindered Stroll’s performance, including Sargeant blocking him on his timed lap and the subsequent congestion in the pit lane.

Fallows elaborated that Stroll began his lap significantly behind Pierre Gasly, resulting in substantial downforce loss during the attempt. 

He acknowledged the need to review their approach and strategise to provide Stroll with a better opportunity for a clean lap in future races.

Stroll’s absence from the Singapore Grand Prix comes after speculation he could leave the sport to pursue a career in tennis. 

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However, Stroll later came out to claim he won’t be leaving Formula 1 for tennis, believing he’s not quite  at the required level yet.

Stroll is currently in P9 of the Drivers’ Standings on just 47 points, far behind his teammate Fernando Alonso who sits in P4 on 170 points.

The difference in performance between the two drivers is at risk of costing Aston Martin a top three finish in the Constructors’ Standings, as they have dropped to P4 with just 217 points, behind Ferrari’s 265, Mercedes on 289 and Red Bull on 597.