Helmut Marko blasts ‘made up’ Sergio Perez story

Sergio Perez has disappointed Red Bull in the last few races, as he has spiralled downwards.

The ongoing F1 season has been a narrative dominated by Red Bull Racing, both on the track and in the headlines. 

The recent buzz surrounds Sergio Perez and rumours of a potential pay cut, a matter that Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, has swiftly addressed. 

This comes as Perez finds himself trailing his teammate Max Verstappen by a considerable 125 points, sparking questions about his future with the team.

Despite kicking off the season with a determined effort, Perez has grappled to match the performance levels set by his fellow Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen.

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This struggle has now placed Perez at risk of slipping out of the top three positions in the Drivers’ Standings. 

As Verstappen continues to lead the charge, effectively carrying the team towards another championship title, mounting criticism has been directed at Perez’s ability to contribute meaningfully to the team’s success.

The narrative took a new twist during the summer break when Dutch media outlets reported that Perez might face the consequences of his performance deficit to Verstappen, potentially resulting in a pay cut. 

This speculation raised eyebrows and led to discussions within the F1 community. However, Helmut Marko swiftly took to the public platform to debunk these rumors, ensuring clarity on the matter.

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In response to the rumors, Marko emphatically stated, “I don’t know where this is coming from again. 

“It’s completely made up out of thin air. The contracts are precisely regulated. 

“There will be no salary cuts. I can only say it again and again: we are leading the Drivers’ Championship with both drivers and are clearly ahead in the team ranking.” 

His assertion put to rest any uncertainty surrounding Perez’s contractual situation and affirmed the team’s commitment to its drivers.

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Red Bull Racing’s impressive performance throughout the season has fortified their position at the top of the standings. 

As Marko highlighted, their dominance extends to both championships, with Verstappen and Perez in P1 and P2 of the Drivers’ Standings. 

However, Perez is at risk of being knocked down the rankings by Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, who are closing in on the Mexican.