George Russell shares excuse for being outscored by Lewis Hamilton

George Russell is aiming for a comeback in the second half of the season, as Mercedes fights for P2 in the Constructors’ Standings.

Mercedes driver George Russell has voiced his discontent with the ‘missed opportunities’ that have hindered his pursuit of crucial championship points. 

While acknowledging his strong individual performances during the opening half of the season, Russell lamented instances that prevented him from capitalising on potential podium finishes. 

As Lewis Hamilton takes the lead in the drivers’ standings, Russell remains resolute in his quest to make the most of the insights gained during the first part of the year and stage a spirited comeback after the summer hiatus.

A series of unfortunate events has left Russell grappling with frustration, particularly in key races where his performance was promising.

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One such occasion occurred at Albert Park, where Russell showcased his prowess before an engine failure dashed his hopes. 

Similarly, the Monaco Grand Prix presented another promising opportunity that slipped through his fingers as rain unleashed chaos on the track while he was running well.

As Lewis Hamilton continues to excel, widening the gap from his Mercedes teammate, Russell’s aspirations remain steadfast. 

With Fernando Alonso’s third place in the drivers’ standings as his target, Russell is determined to make up lost ground and position himself as a formidable contender.

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Reflecting on the hurdles that have shaped his season, Russell acknowledged the potential for higher points if not for the setbacks. 

“Definitely some missed opportunities,” Russell candidly revealed, encapsulating the fine margins that often determine success in Formula One.

“Just from the failure in Melbourne and Monaco, the small mistake could’ve been a podium. 

“And Silverstone, the safety car, just little things went against me.”

While the first half of the season has posed challenges, Russell remains optimistic about the foundation established during this period. 

“Season of two halves,” he stated, highlighting the positives amidst the frustrations.

“First six races I was super happy with my own personal performance, I was really strong.”

Russell’s unwavering dedication to self-improvement and growth shines through, setting the stage for a determined resurgence.

Acknowledging recent struggles with the car’s performance, Russell revealed insights into the team’s approach. 

“We’ve got some ideas why that is,” he confessed.

“We pursued a set-up direction, and this weekend validated it was the wrong way.”

This realisation serves as a crucial pivot point, reaffirming the team’s commitment to refining their approach and optimising performance for the upcoming challenges.

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With the summer break looming, Russell’s focus remains sharp on the goals ahead. 

“That leaves me with a bit of confidence that we can turn it around in the second half of the year,” Russell asserted, underlining his determination to overcome obstacles and taste victory on the track.

“But, like I said, eyes on Red Bull, we want to win a race this year, and we are still pushing like hell to achieve that.”