Haters told they must ‘respect’ Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has polarised Formula 1's fanbase due to his dominance and aggressive style of racing.

In the dynamic world of Formula 1 racing, periods of dominance have been both celebrated and contested. 

One individual who firmly falls in the camp of appreciation is none other than former Formula 1 driver and two-time Formula E champion, Jean-Eric Vergne. 

While the phenomenon of dominance has its critics, Vergne stands as an advocate for recognising and applauding the current display of prowess exhibited by Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing.

The recent Belgian Grand Prix bore witness to Verstappen’s remarkable achievement as he secured his eighth consecutive victory. 

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Remarkably, this triumph marked the 13th consecutive win for Red Bull Racing, solidifying the undeniable synergy between driver and team. 

For Vergne, who once ceded his Toro Rosso seat to the then 17-year-old Verstappen back in 2015, this feat is deserving of heightened appreciation and admiration.

In a candid interview with Talksport.com, Vergne shared his perspective on the matter, stating, “I don’t think it’s bad or good that Max and Red Bull are so strong. 

“It’s just that we are witnessing greatness on both the driver’s side and the team’s side and it cannot be bad for the sport.” 

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Expressing his bewilderment at those who criticise this dominance, Vergne added, “I don’t understand the people that are saying it’s bad. 

“It’s just that the others have to wake up or be more talented.”

Vergne drew parallels between Verstappen’s current trajectory and that of another sporting icon, saying, “When you look at the 100 meters when Usain Bolt was winning everything it was something that was fantastic for the sport. 

“Everybody was witnessing greatness.” 

He continued, “What Max is doing is out of this world and, as I said, if people actually realised how good he was and the things he is able to do that no one else can [than] I think they might enjoy watching the moment of history being made at the moment.”

Beyond Verstappen’s unparalleled on-track performance, Vergne emphasised the significant groundwork that has been laid behind the scenes. 

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“He pushed to have the best engineer coming and he pushed to have the team completely around himself. 

“It’s not only his talent on track that talks; it’s also all the work himself and his management have done to be in such a position. 

“You have to respect that,” Vergne lauded.