Zak Brown tears apart Max Verstappen concern

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown has addressed criticism and concerns surrounding Max Verstappen in 2023.

Amid the current Formula 1 landscape of Red Bull Racing’s dominance and Max Verstappen’s unstoppable streak, McLaren’s CEO, Zak Brown, has stood firm in his conviction that the sport’s excitement factor persists. 

In a departure from Lewis Hamilton’s concerns, Brown maintains that the on-track action remains “uber exciting,” even as Verstappen continues his march towards individual and championship records.

With the summer break in full swing, teams are taking time to regroup before the second half of the season unfolds. 

Red Bull’s astonishing performance, particularly with Verstappen’s consistent victories, has been a defining narrative of this season. 

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The RB19’s supremacy has allowed Verstappen to secure victory in each of the last eight races, leaving competitors trailing in his wake.

Verstappen’s mastery of his Red Bull machinery, coupled with the potential for record-breaking achievements, including a third World Championship, has undoubtedly been remarkable. 

However, the impact of this dominance on the racing spectacle itself has been a topic of debate. 

Some contend that the predictability of race outcomes may deter new and casual fans and tarnish the sport’s reputation for being thrilling.

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In a conversation with ESPN, Brown offered a contrasting perspective on the situation. 

“No. I think one, the races are uber exciting,” Brown countered. 

His view encompasses the broader aspects of racing beyond just the race winner. 

He highlighted the captivating battles unfolding throughout the field, attributing the sport’s allure to these intense competitions.

Drawing parallels with other sports, Brown noted, “I think we’ve seen in other sports, Tiger Woods win every single time out and ratings were never greater because people admire seeing an athlete at the top of the sport.”

While Brown doesn’t wish for Red Bull’s dominance to be indefinite, he doesn’t believe it currently undermines the sport’s appeal. 

He finds the depth of competition intriguing and underlines the excitement that resonates across various positions on the grid.

Brown’s stance contradicts Lewis Hamilton’s sentiments, who has voiced concerns about the consistent Red Bull victories. 

The seven-time world champion has empathised with the fans and expressed his frustration over the lack of competition. 

Hamilton has also noted the exhilaration of closely contested seasons, highlighting the intense atmosphere generated when championships go down to the wire.

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“Definitely, I feel for the fans,” Hamilton stated in an earlier interview with Sky Sports. 

“For everyone and even for us last year going down to the wire, that was intense for everybody and so it’s never great when the season finishes early.” 

Hamilton’s concerns reflect his belief in the importance of a competitive field, striving for engaging and unpredictable races.