Guenther Steiner warns Stefano Domenicali about letting new teams enter F1

With multiple businessmen looking to enter Formula 1 in the future, it has been heavily rumoured that the sport could see an 11th team join the grid in the coming years.

Teams come and go in Formula 1, often being taken over or sold for various reasons. For example, Aston Martin and Alpine entered the sport in 2021 as a rebrand of Racing Point and Renault respectively.

2026 will see another takeover in F1, as Sauber, currently known as Alfa Romeo, will transition into Audi as the German car manufacturer enters the sport for the first time.

There have been many other parties that have been rumoured to enter F1 in some capacity, with Andretti Racing already being rejected a place in the sport and billionaire Calvin Lo expressing an interest in forming a team of his own.

The ten current teams on the grid appear to be in a system that is working well, with budget cap restrictions and new regulations slowing making the sport more competitive as ever.

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Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has suggested the F1 is best kept the way it is, with the current setup showing no major flaws or reasons to be altered in recent seasons.

“I think F1 knows, and Stefano [Domenicali] knows that the sport is in a very good place at the moment. Putting an 11th team in, does it create more revenue? Does it make it bigger, Formula 1? I don’t think so,” argued Steiner.

“It’s better to have ten very stable teams than taking the risk to have no gain, and having somebody more to share the money with you know.

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“It’s very stable at the moment, so obviously, if an 11th team comes and they bring, let me say ten percent more revenue, why not? But if an 11th team comes and just takes an 11th off the revenue which is there now, so you dilute everybody else’s revenue? Why would you do that?”

After two seasons of struggle, the Haas boss has suggested that his team is in a good place to start competing for points on a regular basis next season with Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen in the cars.

Haas had not been able to reach the budget cap in 2022, but Steiner claims that this will not be the case next year, allowing the cap to do what it was brought in to do and bring the field closer together and make the sport more competitive.