George Russell fires warning about Las Vegas Grand Prix

Next November will see the first Las Vegas Grand Prix in 42 years take place, with the latest start time ever.

Last week was a busy one for George Russell and Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton, as the duo were both present in Las Vegas for the official Formula 1 launch party, ahead of next year’s landmark Las Vegas Grand Prix.

With Formula 1 and Liberty Media selling the tickets and promoting the race themselves, it should come as no surprise that the sport is trying to make it as big a spectacle as early as possible, so that the event gains the utmost interest.

With that in mind, Russell, Hamilton, Sergio Pérez and Alex Albon were the four drivers present at the launch party, which saw some spectacular demo runs down a section of the Vegas strip.

The race is truly expected to be one of a kind, with the event predicted to be a night version of the glitzy Monaco Grand Prix.

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Glitz and glamour are something Las Vegas as an abundance of, with the Grand Prix next season set to be spectacular, albeit an expensive one.

An average three-day pass will set fans back $500, raising the debate if the race is targeted at the ‘average’ F1 fan, or those with a wealthier background.

Nevertheless, Russell predicts it to be a “super exciting” event, one he “can’t wait” for.

“I think it’s super exciting, this race,” said Russell.

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“It’s wild already. This time next year is going to be crazy. I can’t wait for it.”

Given the time difference between Las Vegas to Europe and Asia, the race will take place on the Saturday night, the first-time a race has been run on a Saturday since 1985.

It will also have the latest start time in the sport’s history, with proceedings set to get underway at 10pm local time, 6am Sunday morning UK time.

The 6.1km circuit isn’t tipped to be the “most exciting” for the drivers; however, Russell is certain that fans will see plenty of “overtakes”.

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“I don’t think this is going to be the most exciting one to drive.

“But for you guys watching, I feel like this race is designed for good racing, for overtakes and entertainment.

“And I think the Sunday [race starts 10pm Saturday night] for us is going to be super-exciting. But to be honest, I don’t really care as long as we’re at the front.”