Formula 1 urged to take action after British photographer attacked at 2022 Hungarian GP

A photographer was the victim of an assault in Budapest on Friday.

Formula 1 fans on social media have been discussing the experiences they have had with the security services that are working at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

Long-time F1 photographer, Mark Thompson, got into an altercation with a member of the security team working in Budapest, and the officer appeared to strike Thompson in the face, causing a cut to his lip.

As it turns out, this is not the first time that the security at the race, from the Valton Security company, has made a name for itself bullying spectators and workers around the track.

“The company the track has hired, ‘Valton security’ is notorious for only employing people who at best have s**** for brains,” explained a Reddit user.

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“Out of all the years I went to the track I don’t think I have had a single positive experience with them. 

“I hope this gets exposed to more people and they catch some flak because they are truly just an awful company who employ people whose only skills are standing around and being complete a**holes.”

Another fan called for all members of the press working in the sport to raise the issue with F1’s owners, Liberty Media.

“F1 media have to make a huge, combined effort to highlight this and force Liberty into an apology.

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Otherwise this is the start of the end for an open access paddock,” they stated.

A third revealed that they will be attending a festival in the coming months, and does not want Valton to be the chosen security service there due to their reputation.

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“I’m going to Sziget festival this year. I do hope they still use in-Kal instead because I’ve never had any issue with them while I’ve heard nothing but trash about Valton,” they divulged.

One fan had conceded that the unfortunate events had painted a poor image of Hungarian people in their minds, which a further user affirmed is not the case; the security at the event are simply “vile.”

“I really hope this gets to the top,” they added.

“It is a shame that so many comments generalise the whole population from this image and the political status quo.

“The fact of the matter is, this security company is the most vile I have ever experienced, and has this reputation about them too. It is a shame that everybody has to experience their ‘services’ at the race too.”

Amid calls from F1 for everyone in and around the sport to be respectful, some supporters were also seen burning merchandise of Sir Lewis Hamilton as cult behaviour in the pinnacle of motorsport begins to show signs of spiralling out of control.