Sergio Perez stuns ex-F1 racers with bizarre radio message

Sergio Perez suffered from a bout of hay fever during practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Former Formula 1 drivers, Anthony Davidson and Johnny Herbert, were stunned as Sergio Perez sneezed several times behind the wheel of his Red Bull in Hungary.

As he headed down the main straight during practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Perez let out a thunderous sneeze over the radio before his engineer, Hugh Bird, said “bless you” to his driver.

The 32-year-old sneezed twice more as he got the sniffles out of his system, and he even had time for a quick laugh.

“I’m getting a bit of allergy around this place,” he said.

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Davidson and Herbert were on commentary duty for Sky Sports at the time, and the former could not recall a time when he has sneezed while racing.

“I’ve never sneezed in a racing car before, ever – I don’t know about you,” said Davidson

“Out of the car yes, but when you get in it, it all seems to disappear,” was the reply from Herbert.

Due to the adrenaline and the G-Force being put through the driver’s body, Davidson was certain that sneezing while behind the wheel of a race car could not be done.

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“I’m amazed by that, maybe it’s the adrenaline or something but I thought it was impossible to sneeze when you’re driving… honestly I’ve never seen that in a racing car,” he affirmed.

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Sky presenter, Rachel Brookes, added that the Red Bull driver might not have been able to control his car had he been at certain other circuits.

“This isn’t such a bad track to do it – you don’t want to be doing that going down the straight at Baku or in Shanghai,” she explained.

Perez appeared to suffer another difficult time of it in the RB18 on Friday as he ended FP1 in P6 while team-mate Max Verstappen took second.

The Dutchman was fourth in the second session of the weekend, five positions ahead of his team-mate, and Perez was seven tenths of a second adrift of the reigning world champion in both sessions.

Perez conceded before the weekend that the team had perhaps “missed a bit of direction” with the development of the car, as he is no longer quite as comfortable with it as he was at the beginning of the season.

Carlos Sainz topped FP1 before his Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc went fastest in FP2 as Lando Norris impressively split the pair in the second session.