Ferrari hoping practice makes perfect

Ferrari are going the extra mile to ensure they have the advantage over their rivals this season.

The 2022 season ended in disappointment for Ferrari, not because they were beaten by a much superior team, but because they knew that they had put themselves out of title contention by shooting themselves in the foot multiple times.

The Scuderia initially looked to be the fastest team on track under the major regulation changes, but strategic blunders and reliability issues saw Red Bull soar into an uncatchable lead.

One particular problem that the team experiences was during their pit stops, with slow stops, tyre errors and bad calls happening all too often, costing Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz a lot of time during races.

To help counter this issue, Ferrari have been going above and beyond this pre-season to ensure that they can hit their pit stop targets this season.

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It has been reported that chief engineer Diego Loverno aims to ensure that every single Ferrari pit stop in 2023 is under three seconds, something which would give them the edge during races.

A report by has claimed that the Scuderia plan to practice 1,000 pit stops before they even head to Bahrain for pre-season testing, giving them as much practice as possible before the season starts.

Loverno has set up two separate teams of mechanics in Maranello, making both teams practice 20 pit stops per session, with these sessions taking place almost every day.

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These practice pit stops are made to be as realistic as possible, with the crew made to wear their full race gear and use the official tools that they would be using should it be a real race scenario.

The team are also hindered by the carbon lengths hanging from above them to simulate how the cables for the tools may get in their way during a race weekend.

Ferrari certainly have to look at the bigger picture at make sure that they make better strategy calls in 2023, however if they could refine their pit stop performances to sub three seconds every time, it would go a long way to boosting their chances of winning races this season.