Ex-driver makes huge claim about NASCAR versus Formula 1

Formula 1 will race in the USA three times this upcoming 2023 season, namely in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas.

The growth of Formula 1 in the USA since Liberty Media took control of the sport has been phenomenal, with there set to be three races in the States this upcoming season.

The Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ has given American fans access to behind the scenes footage that has helped them develop an understanding for the sport that was previously heavily based in Europe.

The US Grand Prix in Austin last season broke the attendance record, proving that Formula 1 is growing much more popular stateside, coming to rival the likes of IndyCar and NASCAR.

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver Clint Bowyer has been less positive about the growth of F1 however, willing to bet money on the fact that NASCAR will still provide a better product that F1.

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“This is tailor-made for you,” he said ahead of the Busch Light Clash pre-season event.

“You have action like the sport’s never had and a format – we take a break and put on a concert for crying out loud.

“I guarantee you I’ll put my money up against this product versus anything F1 brings to the United States.”

Bowyer could be set to lose his money however, as the Las Vegas Grand Prix is set to become one of the biggest sporting events of all time when it makes its debut towards the end of 2023.

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Officials have claimed that the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix will bring in over a billion dollars in commercial revenue, more than is expected to be generated by the Super Bowl later this year.

The event will see the drivers race through the streets of the famous Las Vegas strip, navigating many of the famous landmarks along the way.

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Fox Sports’ lap-by-lap announcer Mike Joy has been slightly more positive about F1 compared to his colleague, suggesting that the two sports are very different.

“Certainly, ‘Drive to Survive’ has brought a whole new audience to Formula 1 – people who enjoy reality TV, people who enjoy soap operas. Racing is a soap opera, it’s just different the way it plays out on Sunday,” he said.

“Formula 1 is a worldwide phenomenon and I think it’s completely different from NASCAR, especially in regard to the workings within the teams. I think here NASCAR is much more of an every driver for himself structure than Formula 1.”