Fernando Alonso reveals if a storm is brewing at Aston Martin

Two-time champion Fernando Alonso is seemingly growing frustrated with Aston Martin falling down the order.

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso has dismissed any notion of frustration with the team’s performance as they faced a challenging phase in the 2023 season. 

Aston Martin, which had initially shown promise as Red Bull’s main contender, witnessed a dip in their performance as more established teams made significant strides in car development.

Singapore proved to be a particularly tough weekend for Aston Martin, but Alonso arrived in Japan with renewed confidence after discovering that his car had suffered suspension damage. 

The Spanish driver shifted the focus from temporary setbacks to the bigger challenge of enhancing the team’s in-season development capabilities.

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“At the beginning of the year, we had a fast car,” Alonso, 42, commented. 

“But we always said that it would be difficult to keep up with our main opponents during the year because these are large organisations and top teams. 

“So it was to be expected that Ferrari and Mercedes would catch up and overtake us. 

“And now McLaren is also very strong. 

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“We have to accept that we have to make improvements in the way we develop.”

Despite the hurdles, Alonso emphasised his unwavering commitment to the project and the team’s overall optimism. “I’m not frustrated at all,” he stated confidently. 

“I’m very happy with the project, and even in the difficult races like Singapore or Monza, all of our meetings are very productive.”

Alonso praised the team’s motivation and determination to establish themselves as a leading force in Formula 1. 

“The team’s motivation to become a leading team, the resources, and the determination are extraordinary, so I am very happy,” Alonso insisted. 

“But we have to accept that everyone here has a very high level.”

Acknowledging the challenges that come with being a relatively new team in the sport, Alonso expressed hope for faster development in the upcoming season. 

“Our pace of development has to be a little faster next year, but this is a very new team. 

“It’s a new situation for us. 

“It’s not that we accept it and we are ok with it. 

“We just know that it’s a season of learning.”

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Alonso also commended the team’s innovative approach to problem-solving, highlighting the wealth of ideas and solutions being considered. 

“Honestly, I’ve never seen this kind of scale in terms of ideas and solutions on the table. 

“The motivation the team has to become a top team is just exceptional. I’m very happy.”