Charles Leclerc claims Ferrari sacrificed him as number 1 driver changes

Ferrari deployed an impressive strategy in Singapore to ensure they cracked Red Bull’s dominant streak, taking victory around the tricky street circuit.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc secured a fourth-place finish in Sunday’s Grand Prix in Singapore, having willingly sacrificed his own race to support his teammate Carlos Sainz’s victory, as part of the team’s strategic approach.

The Singapore Grand Prix marked a significant moment in the Formula 1 season, as it delivered the first non-Red Bull victory, with Carlos Sainz claiming the top spot on the podium for Ferrari. 

On the other side of the Ferrari garage, Charles Leclerc crossed the finish line in fourth place. 

Despite some personal disappointment, Leclerc emphasised that the weekend had unfolded favourably for the team as a whole.

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Leclerc’s willingness to slow down and allow Sainz to build a gap during the early laps of the race raised questions about his post-Grand Prix sentiments. 

However, Leclerc clarified that he was well aware of the team’s strategy before the race began.

The 25-year-old driver candidly told Sky Sport F1, “The strategy was normal, we had discussed it before the race. 

“In the first stint, the situation was different because we had more pace than Mercedes, so this was positive. 

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“I asked if we could change something, but in the end, we did just fine. 

“Carlos is on the top step of the podium, and that’s what matters.”

Leclerc continued to express his personal disappointment, given that he had hoped for a better result, particularly because the pace of his car was competitive. 

However, after Lewis Hamilton and George Russell overtook him, he realised that his race ambitions were no longer achievable.

Ultimately, Leclerc managed to secure fourth place, but he acknowledged that the outcome reflected a weekend that had not been without its challenges. 

Throughout free practice and the race weekend, he struggled to find complete comfort with the car.

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Leclerc made no excuses and acknowledged that his teammate deserved full support due to his superior performance in qualifying. 

He said, “It was also my turn to do a better lap yesterday, and Carlos was better; he completely deserves it. 

“I knew it would go like this today, and I had to protect Carlos, especially in the first stint. We did it very well with very good race management from the team.”