Driver of Ferrari-liveried Formula car to face imprisonment

It's a repeat of a similar occurrence back in 2019.

Footage has emerged of a GP2 car sporting a Ferrari livery being driven on a motorway in the Czech Republic.

A video circulating online shows the car being driven on a motorway, alongside a number of road cars.

On the same motorway in 2019, the same car was seen and the driver was eventually tracked down by the police who threatened to fine them €1,000 or send them to prison for up to a year as such a vehicle isn’t road-legal.

However, they escaped all charges as, due to the fact that they were wearing a helmet, it wasn’t possible to prove that they were the one driving the car. 

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Following the suspension of the criminal proceedings in March 2020, Tomas Blecha of the Legal Protection of Drivers, who represented the driver, criticised the police’s actions.

“We can stop right at the given classification of the offence, because no one stopped the vehicle, so it cannot be unequivocally said that it would really be ineligible,” he said.

Now, it looks as if the very same driver is back on the roads in the very same vehicle, seemingly confident they can escape criminal charges again.

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The video shows that they were wearing a full racing helmet, making it impossible to identify him as was the case on the previous occasion.

It’s therefore unclear how the police would be able to charge them for the offence, with them able to use the same defence as they did last time, that it can’t be proved that it was them at the wheel of the GP2 car.

It’s almost certainly the same person though with it being the same car on the same section of the same motorway as the offender in 2019.