Does Lewis Hamilton still care about Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton, set to bid adieu at the close of the campaign, has inked a multi-year deal with the Italian powerhouse.

Lewis Hamilton has affirmed his unwavering commitment to Mercedes for the forthcoming season, despite his impending departure to Ferrari in 2025, marking the end of his illustrious tenure with the Silver Arrows.

The 39-year-old, set to bid adieu at the close of the campaign, has inked a multi-year deal with the Italian powerhouse.

Hamilton, aiming to culminate his 12-year stint with Mercedes on a high note, clinching six of his seven world titles since transitioning from McLaren, now confronts the unique circumstance of serving out the entire season with Mercedes while cognizant of his forthcoming switch to one of their primary adversaries.

Addressing reporters at the unveiling of Mercedes’ latest W15 challenger on Wednesday, Hamilton was resolute in his assertion that his focus remains squarely on Mercedes for the duration of the season, eschewing any inclination to divert attention to Ferrari prior to his impending move.

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“The focus throughout the entirety of winter training is re-establishing the team to its former glory,” he articulated.

“We’ve endured a challenging couple of years, which I believe has served as a grounding experience for us. It has compelled us to reassess our approach.

“We’ve had to reassess our strategies and now it’s a matter of meticulously executing our tasks, comprehending the data, understanding the intricacies of the car, and optimising our performance during practice.

“Even a single lap in the rain today could provide George [Russell] and me with valuable insights into what lies ahead.”

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Reflecting on his return to Mercedes’ Brackley headquarters following the announcement of his accord with Ferrari, Hamilton expressed poignant sentiments, describing the experience as “emotional” and “surreal.”

He remarked, “It’s undeniably an emotional experience; it feels incredibly surreal to be here, considering my arrival in 2013, marking 11 years with the team.

“As I embark on my 12th year, it’s an immense privilege to collaborate with such a dedicated group of individuals who exhibit unwavering commitment throughout the winter months.

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Witnessing the fruition of our collective efforts as the car takes shape at the onset of the season is undeniably exhilarating.

“This marks the inaugural instance where I’ve witnessed the culmination of the car’s development in its entirety, comprehending the intricacies concealed beneath the surface.

While these elements may elude public view, George and I are poised to experience them firsthand on the track, and that prospect is immensely exciting.”