Christian Horner has 73.3% chance of being fired as wife revelation comes to light

Christian Horner will most likely be fired by Red Bull, according to an analysis.

Christian Horner has a 73.3% chance of being fired before the 2024 Formula 1 season kicks off in a few weeks, according to an analysis by My Betting Edge.

The attendance of team principal Christian Horner at both the Silverstone shakedown and the car launch at the Milton Keynes factory has been a topic of intense speculation since news of the investigation emerged earlier this month.

However, this latest update confirms that Horner’s presence is anticipated at the big reveal on 15 February.

Horner participated in a hearing with the relevant Red Bull personnel on Friday, where the 50-year-old was questioned regarding the allegations, originating from a female employee within the team and thought to pertain to his assertive management style.

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He has vehemently refuted all allegations. Nevertheless, this hearing did not result in an immediate decision concerning Horner’s future. Instead, as per the report, a final verdict is still weeks away.

This corresponds with the forecasts of Sky Sports News reporter Craig Slater, who stated after Friday’s hearing that the outcome will ‘operate to a timetable appropriate to get a clear and fair solution for both parties’.

The protracted nature of this investigative process will serve as an unwelcome distraction for the Milton Keynes-based team, who aim to defend both World Championship titles in 2024.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez secured a historic one-two finish in the Drivers’ Championship with their performances in 2023, but the competition is expected to intensify this year, promising a more closely contested season.

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A source close to Geri informed the publication: “They always got on well and have been there for each other through the difficult times.

“When Geri was having a bit of a stormy relationship with some of the other Spice Girls, Victoria supported her and helped her through. It’s the same now – Victoria wants to support Geri any way she can.

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“Victoria and David have had some really low points together as a couple and Geri was there for her.

“She’s never forgotten how good Geri was with all the Rebecca Loos stuff, and the horrible treatment of David after the World Cup.

“Now she knows it’s her time to be there for Geri, and she wants to look after her and help her.”