Fernando Alonso admits Mercedes interest in him replacing Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso has added fuel to rumours that he will replace Lewis Hamilton and partner George Russell at Mercedes.

Fernando Alonso, the renowned Formula 1 champion, requires no introduction regarding his exceptional skills.

However, as the new season approaches, he seems determined to showcase his abilities for potential future endeavours beyond his current contract with Aston Martin, especially with the recent upheaval in the driver market due to Lewis Hamilton’s surprising move to Ferrari for 2025.

Speaking of the competitive landscape, Alonso remarked, “There are three fast world champions on the grid. I am the only one available for ’25.”

Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, has been vocal about his desire to extend Alonso’s contract, emphasizing their strong relationship and willingness to continue working together.

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Despite Krack’s expressed interest, Alonso has yet to commit to an extension, stating, “I think it’s going to be a question [I will be getting] for the first few months of the year.”

This indicates his reluctance to rush into a decision amidst uncertainties about the post-2024 driver market.

Alonso underscores his dedication to competing for championships, expressing his readiness to commit fully to a project that offers such potential.

He acknowledges Aston Martin’s progress but hints at exploring other options if he perceives a better chance elsewhere, possibly with Mercedes.

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The prospect of Alonso continuing in F1 beyond conventional age limits isn’t dismissed, with the seasoned driver contemplating the possibility of racing until his late forties.

However, he acknowledges the demanding nature of F1, balancing his commitment with other aspects of life.

Alonso’s future in F1 hinges on his pursuit of another championship, potentially at Mercedes if a suitable opportunity arises.

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While not the primary choice for Mercedes, Alonso remains a compelling Plan B option, particularly if their preferred candidate, Antonelli, isn’t deemed ready.

Alonso’s determination to challenge conventional assumptions about age and competitiveness reflects a broader trend in F1, where drivers are pushing boundaries and defying expectations.

Despite scepticism about his chances, Alonso remains undeterred in his quest for further success.