Charles Leclerc reveals who’s to blame for embarrassing incident

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc has revealed who was to blame for the early embarrassment at the 2023 Dutch GP.

Charles Leclerc has stepped up and shouldered the responsibility for the pitstop fiasco that marred Ferrari’s performance on the first lap of the 2023 Dutch GP. 

The rain-drenched race at Zandvoort saw Leclerc’s quick decision to switch to Intermediate tires trigger a series of unfortunate events for the team.

As a heavy downpour enveloped the circuit just after the race began, a flurry of drivers, including Leclerc and Sergio Perez, seized the opportunity to dive into the pits for a crucial tire change. 

However, what followed was a pit lane chaos that exposed Ferrari’s lack of preparedness. 

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The Ferrari crew was caught off guard by Leclerc’s swift arrival, compounded by the substantial front-wing damage he had sustained due to contact on the track.

The repercussions of the mismanaged pit stop were felt throughout the remainder of the race, as Leclerc’s SF-23 suffered significant damage that ultimately led to his retirement from the competition. 

Nevertheless, Leclerc took full responsibility for the fiasco and acknowledged that the slow pit stop rested squarely on his shoulders.

Speaking to the media, Leclerc stated, “I [made the call for the pitstop] in the last corner, so it was very late.” 

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He elaborated on his decision-making process, noting, “Looking at the situation in the last corner, I was sure that even if we lost five or six seconds with the pitstop, we would recover it during one lap easily.”

Leclerc defended his choice to pit despite the hurdles, highlighting the challenging conditions faced by all drivers on the rain-soaked track. 

“I expected to lose some time, but I think we could have optimised it better as a team, for the guys to be ready a little bit earlier in those type of situations,” he admitted. 

Despite the setback, he maintained that the decision to pit was the correct one given the unpredictable weather conditions.

Acknowledging the complexity of the race conditions, Leclerc emphasised, “It was the right choice in conditions like that, but it was very tricky because you are always changing from wet to dry, dry to wet, but it was the same for everybody.” 

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His words echoed the sentiments of many drivers who navigated the treacherous weather dynamics that posed a unique challenge to all participants.

The Dutch Grand Prix incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between split-second decisions and comprehensive team coordination in the high-stakes world of Formula One racing.