Charles Leclerc gives verdict on new Ferrari boss

Charles Leclerc has offered insight into Fred Vasseur's influence amidst Ferrari's challenges.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc has provided an insightful evaluation of Ferrari Team Principal Frederic Vasseur’s performance as he concludes his first half-season in the role. 

Vasseur’s transition from Alfa Romeo to Ferrari marked a significant shift in leadership, replacing Mattia Binotto at the helm.

Navigating the treacherous waters of Ferrari’s racing aspirations this season has proven to be a daunting task for Vasseur. 

The team’s performance has faltered, contrasting with their triumphant podium finishes last year. 

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With aspirations of a competitive resurgence, Ferrari has fallen short, securing just three podiums in the initial 12 races of the Formula One campaign. 

Their current standing in the Constructors’ Championship finds them in fourth place, trailing Aston Martin by a mere five points as the season enters its second half.

Leclerc, whose history intertwines with Vasseur, holds valuable insights into the Frenchman’s leadership style. 

Their journey together began with Leclerc’s 2016 GP3 championship win under the banner of ART Grand Prix, co-founded by Vasseur. 

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This shared history laid the foundation for a collaboration that extended to Leclerc’s F1 debut with Sauber.

With an experience tally of 12 grands prix at Ferrari under Vasseur’s guidance, Leclerc enthusiastically praises the Team Principal’s impact. 

In a recent interaction with reporters, Leclerc emphasised Vasseur’s adaptability to the unique challenges Ferrari presents. 

Leclerc stated, “He’s adapting really well. 

“I mean, Ferrari is definitely a different beast to Alfa Romeo: many more people involved; a lot more pressure.” 

Leclerc elaborated on Vasseur’s proactive approach, stating, “Fred straightaway understood what were the areas where we should work on and, yes, he definitely makes a difference in a way that he’s obviously working.” 

Recognising the distinctiveness of individual management styles, Leclerc remains confident in Vasseur’s ability to excel. 

The foundation laid during their collaboration in the junior categories and at Alfa Romeo facilitates the implementation of new perspectives, contributing positively to Ferrari’s long-term prospects.

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Leclerc also acknowledges that Vasseur is in his inaugural season with the team, hinting at the need for patience as the changes catalysed by Vasseur begin to unfold on the race track. 

Leclerc acknowledges this by saying, “But it’s also his first season within the team, so we need to give him time in order to see these changes take form on track.” 

The appreciation for Vasseur’s comprehensive approach and the acknowledgment of the need for time exemplify Leclerc’s mature perspective on the complexities of team dynamics.