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Race car clutch: What are the features of a race car clutch and why can’t you drive it every day? How to realise that your car’s clutch is faulty and needs replacing

Race cars are the epitome of speed, precision and engineering excellence. They are built for high-speed driving on race tracks. Race car clutches provide lightning-fast gear changes to withstand the rigours of racing. Let’s find out what makes a race car clutch unique, why it’s not suitable for everyday driving and how to recognise the


Helmut Marko speaks out on Charles Leclerc being ‘demoted’ at Ferrari

Dr. Helmut Marko has voiced his support for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, expressing confidence in the Monegasque driver’s ability to respond to his teammate Carlos Sainz’s recent strong performances.  Sainz, a former protege of Marko during his time at Red Bull, has eclipsed Leclerc’s performance since the summer break, culminating in consecutive pole positions and a


Sebastian Vettel to return to Formula 1 in 2024?

Sebastian Vettel, the four-time Formula 1 world champion, is not ruling out a potential return to the sport, following his recent retirement. Vettel retired from Formula 1 at the end of the previous season, concluding his stints with Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Since stepping away from the competitive racing scene, Vettel has engaged


Max Verstappen sends Formula 1 stern ‘money’ warning

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen has candidly revealed his occasional doubts about the worthiness of navigating the demanding landscape of modern Formula 1.  Despite heading towards a seemingly unstoppable third championship, Verstappen, at just 25 years old, is already pondering the toll of the sport’s evolution. While Verstappen is in his ninth Formula 1 season,


The Evolution of Formula 1 Technology: From Past to Present

There’s a riveting allure to Formula 1, an adrenaline rush. But at the heart of this thrill lies an ongoing journey of technological evolution. The Formula 1 racing series has experienced many significant changes since its inception. Let’s buckle up and delve into the past, present, and future of Formula 1 technology. Plunging into the


George Russell shocked by Lando Norris

Mercedes driver George Russell has expressed his surprise and admiration for McLaren’s remarkable improvement in performance.  The team’s recent updates to the MCL60 car have made a significant difference, evident in Lando Norris’s season-best fourth-place finish at the Austrian Grand Prix. McLaren’s positive momentum carried in the race at Silverstone, with Norris and his teammate


George Russell’s water rescue in Canada

George Russell found himself on the brink of a watery mishap in Canada as he embarked on a heroic mission to rescue a ping pong ball. Following his impressive qualifying performance, securing fourth position on the grid, Russell took some time off to relax.  With his teammate Lewis Hamilton starting alongside him on row two,


Fernando Alonso doubles down on controversial Lewis Hamilton claim

Lewis Hamilton has faced renewed criticism from Fernando Alonso who believes the seven-time world champion was lucky to secure the success he’s experienced in Formula 1, driving for Mercedes during its period of glory. However, despite the suggestion that Hamilton’s timing at Mercedes was pure chance, Alonso has accepted that the former champion’s dominance, is


Toto Wolff warns Lewis Hamilton and George Russell about Miami GP

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has warned that the Miami Grand Prix might be too soon for the team to find themselves back in the dominant form they once knew. The Silver Arrows have been off the pace of their Red Bull rivals since the 2022 rivals came into effect, finding themselves out of contention

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