Carlos Sainz’s simple reason for picking Lewis Hamilton over Max Verstappen

Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen were previously team-mates together at Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has expressed his preference for being teammates with Lewis Hamilton rather than Max Verstappen in a recent interview. 

Sainz, who made his Formula 1 debut alongside Hamilton at Toro Rosso, saw Verstappen swiftly promoted to Red Bull while he departed the team soon after.

Currently racing for Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc, Sainz has been facing challenges in his competition with the Monegasque driver, who has outperformed him consistently. 

Despite this, Sainz maintains his admiration for Hamilton’s accomplishments and the potential benefits of partnering with the seven-time world champion.

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In a conversation with the Express, Sainz was asked to choose between Hamilton and Verstappen as a teammate. 

The Spaniard opted for an honest response instead of taking the diplomatic route. 

“I’ve already been Max’s teammate, so I know I would get on well with him and we would have a good [relationship],” Sainz stated. 

“I’ve never been teammates with Lewis, but I guess being a teammate of a seven-time world champion has to be good for your career and you’re probably going to learn.”

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Sainz’s desire to try something different and his acknowledgement of the potential career benefits of partnering with Hamilton were evident in his response. 

However, he also emphasised that he is open to any teammate and ready to embrace the opportunity, regardless of who it may be. 

“So maybe, just to try something different, I would like Lewis. But honestly, I don’t care. Whoever I have as a teammate, I’ll embrace it,” Sainz added.

The comments from Sainz highlight the respect he holds for both Verstappen and Hamilton, acknowledging the advantages of competing alongside a driver who has achieved such remarkable success in the sport. 

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Having experienced a partnership with Verstappen before, Sainz recognised the potential chemistry between them. However, he also acknowledges the prospect of learning from Hamilton’s wealth of experience and his status as a seven-time world champion.

As Sainz continues his journey with Ferrari, the question of his future remains open. 

Speculations around potential driver lineups for the upcoming seasons have been circulating in the Formula 1 community, but no official announcements have been made regarding Sainz’s next partner at the Scuderia or whether the Spaniard will remain at the team after his contract expires..