Carlos Sainz surprisingly claims he’s ‘living the dream’

Fernando Alonso has cemented his status as the top Spanish driver in Formula 1, racking up double the points of fellow Spaniard Carlos Sainz.

Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso has reaffirmed his position as the leading Spanish driver in Formula 1, overshadowing Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz at their home race.

Alonso currently sits in third position in the Drivers’ Standings with 93 points, nearly double the points accumulated by Sainz, who is down in sixth place. 

While Sainz had been the top Spanish driver in recent years, Aston Martin’s stronger performance compared to Ferrari in the early stages of the 2023 F1 season has resulted in him losing that title to Alonso.

However, Sainz remains unfazed by the change and maintains a positive outlook. 

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When questioned about being displaced by Alonso as Spain’s leading driver in F1, Sainz stated: “Not much really. I cannot complain about life, really. I’m a Ferrari driver living the dream.”

Acknowledging the challenging start to the season for Ferrari, Sainz expressed his desire to return to fighting for pole positions and victories like they did last year. Despite the struggles, he highlighted the opportunity to compete for podium finishes on a regular basis, emphasising that he has no reason to complain.

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Sainz also praised the dedication and hard work of the Ferrari team in delivering their upgraded package earlier than expected. He described the tremendous efforts made at Maranello to expedite the development process, noting that the factory has been working tirelessly to bring the upgrades ahead of schedule.

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Reflecting on his daily experiences at Maranello, Sainz expressed his gratitude for being a Ferrari driver and acknowledged the positive aspects of his current situation. He emphasised that waking up every morning as a member of the Ferrari team, with the chance to fight for podium finishes, brings him contentment and a positive outlook.

With a long season ahead, Sainz remains optimistic about the future and believes that the dynamics of the championship could shift in the coming races. As he continues to enjoy racing for Ferrari, he remains focused on maximising his opportunities and contributing to the team’s success throughout the season.