Breaking: FIA reports 2022 budget cap compliance

The 2022 budget cap was set at $140 million per team, excluding things like driver salaries and some other expenses.

The FIA announced on Tuesday morning that they’d given certificates of compliance to all 10 teams in Formula 1, as their calculations discovered that every team kept within the budget cap in 2022.

Unlike last season, there is no controversy over any team breaching the budget cap, which was set at $140 million for 2022.

There were some rumours earlier in the year that a few teams might’ve breached the cap last season; however, all reports have proven to be false.

This is certainly a welcomed situation for F1, given that Red Bull breached the 2021 budget cap by $2.2 million.

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As a result, the governing body fined them $7 million and reduced their permitted time in the wind tunnel by 10% for 12 months.

This punishment is soon set to conclude, meaning that the Milton Keynes-based team will return to their full allotted amount of time in the wind tunnel to test aerodynamic developments.

Many teams complained last season that Red Bull’s punishment wasn’t harsh enough, with it certainly having not stopped the side from dominating.

In actual fact, Red Bull have been significantly more dominant in 2023 than they were in 2022, despite their reduced time in the wind tunnel.

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As their penalty didn’t come into effect until October last year though, it should be pointed out that they’d already started developing the RB19 before being punished.

Red Bull have been sensational this season and are yet to be defeated, with the side having won every race in 2023 so far.

The Austrians have won 14 out of 14 races this campaign, whilst their actual winning streak sits at 15 races.

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Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen has won 13 of those 15 races, with him having also broken a very special record last weekend at the Italian Grand Prix.

Victory last Sunday at Monza marked the Dutchman’s 10th consecutive victory, which saw him eclipse Sebastian Vettel’s record for nine wins in a row.

The Dutchman could very well go on to win all the remaining races this season, which would take his winning streak to 18 races and his yearly total to 20.