Felipe Massa expecting Ferrari ‘support’ over Crashgate lawsuit

Should Felipe Massa be successful in his legal case against the 2008 Singapore GP, then Lewis Hamilton will become a six-time World Champion.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa has revealed that he’s expecting help from Ferrari in his pursuit to have the 2008 World Championship overturned, amid the recent ‘Crashgate’ drama.

Massa has put together a “team of very strong lawyers” to fight the results of the 2008 championship, which was ridiculed by controversy.

The former Ferrari driver is wanting the results from the manipulated 2008 Singapore Grand Prix to be overturned and voided, given that it’d make him World Champion and not Lewis Hamilton.

At the Marina Bay Circuit in 2008, Renault instructed Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash on purpose, to allow Fernando Alonso to pit and effectively win the race, which he did.

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Whilst there were some questions over how convenient it was that Alonso won, nothing was said about it until the following season, where it was revealed that Piquet was ordered to crash.

Renault were found guilty of manipulating a race which Massa failed to score points in, with the team slapped with a suspended ban from the sport, as were some personnel, who have since returned to the championship.

The reason why the incident which happened 15 years ago has resurfaced, is because former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone is quoted as having said that himself and former FIA president Max Mosley knew about Renault’s manipulation when it actually happened but opted to say nothing to protect the sport.

This is what has led to Massa fighting the results from that race, as he believes that he deserves “justice” no matter how long it’s been since the event took place.

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As things stand, the Brazilian is yet to receive support from Ferrari; however, he’s expecting support from the Maranello-based team to help him come out victorious.

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“I have one certainty: that title is mine and it is Ferrari’s 16th drivers’ title,” Massa told TG1 TV programme.

“I have hired a team of very strong lawyers. We will fight to the end to obtain justice in this sport. I don’t understand why a case of manipulation cannot be verified in the way right, even if a year, two years or 15 years later.

“At this moment I have not yet had the support of Ferrari, but I expect help from them. I am optimistic: I will fight for the justice until the end.”