Azerbaijan GP: Ted Kravitz apologises to fan on live TV

Ted Kravitz's cameraman collided with a spectator during the reporter's show 'Ted's Notebook'.

Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz is seemingly never far away from the action, whether that be during a race or after it.

The veteran was involved in another comical incident on Saturday following the Azerbaijan Grand Prix sprint race, where he was forced to apologise for his cameraman’s actions.

During his post-session show ‘Ted’s Notebook’, Kravitz was busy discussing the personnel changes at Mercedes, when he suddenly noticed that his cameraman was getting incredibly close to a fan.

Kravitz was quick to warn his cameraman but it was unfortunately too late, after the spectator in question was hit.

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“Careful JD. Sorry. Sorry about him. Did he actually hit you?” Kravitz asked the fan after apologising.

To give the spectator credit, she took the incident brilliantly and laughed it off, after accepting Kravitz’s apology.

“That’s fine,” the woman said whilst laughing and smiling.

“Okay. Sorry about that, be a bit more careful. There we go,” Kravitz then said to his cameraman.

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The collision occurred not too far away from the media pen, where Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc were being interviewed at the time.

The incident on ‘Ted’s Notebook’ wasn’t the only camera-related moment to occur on Saturday, as a camera operator was flagged down by Lewis Hamilton whilst the seven-time World Champion was sitting in the pit-lane.

Hamilton had dropped one of his tear-offs in his sidepod whilst waiting for the sprint qualifying to get underway, which the cameraman came along and moved for the 38-year-old, to which the Mercedes driver responded by putting his thumb up.

The Mercedes drive then continued with his preparations, as he waited for the pit-lane exit to open.

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It was later confirmed by F1 statistician Sean Kelly that the camera operator who helped Hamilton was Jean-Michel Tibi, somebody who Kelly hailed as “a legend”.

Kelly explained on social media that Tibi is “friends with everyone” in the paddock, from the drivers all the way to F1’s personnel.

“Jean-Michel Tibi, the cameraman that just collected Lewis Hamilton’s tear-off, knows EVERYBODY in F1. Literally friends with everyone, from Hamilton down to me. What a legend,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.