‘That’s probably the closest thing’: Lewis Hamilton opens up on non-F1 joy

Lewis Hamilton has found plenty of success on the race track but that hasn’t stopped him focusing on life away from the sport.

In the midst of one of the most difficult periods of his career and with doubts lingering over his future, Lewis Hamilton has given an insight into his time away from Formula 1.

While Hamilton is clear that he is still as passionate as ever about the sport, he has talked about the one experience almost gives him the same feeling as being behind the wheel of his car.

With the Easter break fresh in his mind, Hamilton told Australian broadcaster Fox Sports “when my niece and nephew look into my eyes and call me uncle, that’s probably the one thing that comes close to that feeling.

“That’s probably the closest thing. But then I guess you can do skydiving, you can do other wild things, but that’s the safer one.”

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Although Mercedes is not currently at the top of Formula 1, having struggled to adapt to the new regulations brought in last season, Hamilton has said that he is still dedicated to fighting for titles.

“I do love it. I don’t like driving not great cars,” he said

“I don’t like driving a car that’s not the car that we had meant to have.

“But I love that challenge of, ‘Hey, what can I do with it? Wins [are] not possible right now, so what’s the maximum we can get? 

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“Can we be a little cheeky – if fifth is the best we can get, can we get a fourth or a third?’,” he explained.

Hamilton managed to secure P2 at the Australian Grand Prix, capitalising on a strong qualifying session but he is clear that one off successes will not be enough.

“[We have to] just make sure we’re consistent,” Hamilton said.

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“[You have to] make sure that you’re fit and ready so that when the car does all of a sudden switch on – and it is the car that you dreamed of having – you’re ready.

“I’m ready to win a World Championship. 

“I prepared the best way I can this year, I think the best I’ve ever prepared, and if the car comes correct tomorrow, I’ll be ready to fight for the World Championship,” he added.