Alpine admit to trying to sign Mick Schumacher

Alpine have confirmed discussions with Mick Schumacher, as they look to poach the Mercedes reserve driver.

Alpine has officially announced that they are engaged in discussions with Mick Schumacher regarding his potential involvement in their Hypercar programme for the World Endurance Championship (WEC). 

This development comes as Schumacher’s future on the Formula 1 grid appears uncertain for the 2024 season.

Mick Schumacher, currently a driver for Mercedes, has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks regarding his future career path. 

It became increasingly evident that securing a Formula 1 seat for the upcoming season might be a challenging endeavour. 

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The 24-year-old driver, who had served as Mercedes’ official reserve driver, had hoped for opportunities to materialise with other Formula 1 teams by the end of the season. 

Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri were among the teams considered as possible destinations.

However, as those prospects seem less likely to materialise, and with Williams reaffirming their commitment to Logan Sargeant despite his recent struggles, Schumacher finds himself with limited options on the Formula 1 grid. 

One possibility is accepting Mercedes’ offer to continue as their reserve driver.

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Amidst this uncertainty, Alpine has emerged as a potential lifeline for the former Haas driver. 

Alpine’s Hypercar programme is an enticing proposition, offering Schumacher an opportunity to embark on a new project while still maintaining a connection to Mercedes. 

This arrangement could enable him to pursue dual interests simultaneously.

Bruno Famin, Vice President of Alpine, confirmed ongoing discussions with Mick Schumacher regarding this intriguing opportunity. 

Famin stated, “It’s true that we’re talking with Mick about the possibility of racing in our endurance programme with the A424. 

“It would be a good opportunity for both parties, but for the time being, we’re just talking. 

“Hopefully, we will organize a test soon.”

While Schumacher’s primary goal has been to secure a Formula 1 seat for the 2024 season, the chance to commit to a new project while still remaining in contention for a Formula 1 seat could be considered an attractive alternative.

Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes, expressed his desire to retain Mick Schumacher within the Mercedes family for the upcoming year. 

Wolff emphasised, “Mick has a place here as our reserve driver and is part of the family. 

We hope that he stays with us in that role. 

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“We will give him time in the car, and he can get a works seat with another manufacturer in WEC or sportscars or wherever. 

“We will always have this home here for him. 

“Whatever program he does decide, he can stay, if it is possible from the other side, with us as a reserve driver.”