Accusation fired at Max Verstappen’s rivals

Former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer has fired an accusation at Max Verstappen's rivals.

Jolyon Palmer, a former Formula 1 driver, has expressed his belief that the combination of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing is currently so dominant that other drivers in the field don’t make an effort to defend their positions when they see Verstappen approaching in their mirrors. 

However, Palmer anticipates that this mindset will change as the season progresses and rival teams begin to challenge Red Bull.

In his analysis for, Palmer highlights moments in a Grand Prix when drivers have to race sensibly. 

He explained, “Often when a driver is out of sequence on pit strategy, you won’t bother slowing down your own race in a futile bid to keep them behind.” 

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Palmer argued that this is especially true when drivers don’t believe they can compete with the outpacing car for the entire race duration. 

He believes that Red Bull and Verstappen are benefitting from this situation, as they currently possess the best car and a dominant driver, resulting in other drivers often allowing them to pass without resistance.

However, Palmer does not see this approach as a permanent state. 

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He suggested that as the season progresses and rival teams close the performance gap on Red Bull, the mindset of drivers will change. 

He predicted that proper battles for victory will ensue as other drivers start to believe they have a chance of sustaining a race-long challenge against Red Bull and Verstappen.

“As rival teams close up later on this season, I’m sure we will see that mindset change, and we’ll have proper victory battles again as others think they stand a chance of sustaining a race-long challenge,” Palmer, who previously competed for the Renault team, said.