Lando Norris says he’s open to leaving McLaren after Red Bull meeting

McLaren’s Lando Norris has admitted he’s considered his options amid the team’s struggling performance.

Lando Norris has hinted at the possibility of seeking a move away from McLaren if the team’s performance fails to improve in the coming years. 

The 23-year-old driver, who has been linked to Mercedes and Red Bull, expressed his desire to compete for a world championship and acknowledged that he doesn’t want to spend another five years without challenging for the title.

Despite being regarded as a future world champion, Norris has yet to have a car capable of consistently competing with top constructors like Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari. 

McLaren’s package currently falls short in comparison, hindering Norris’ chances of battling the likes of Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso.

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In an interview with PA, Norris reflected on the challenges he has faced this season and his longing for victory. 

He stated, “This has been my toughest season. 

“I have experienced the highs and the podiums, but then it drops off to the worst it has been for me. 

“I have a strong desire to win, but it feels so far away. 

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“It takes a toll on me when I am not close to fighting for points. I don’t derive any satisfaction from it, and it hurts. 

“When I realise I have already been in F1 for five seasons, I think, ‘Damn.’ 

“Time has passed so quickly, and I don’t want to be in this position in another five years.”

Although Norris has achieved five podium finishes in his career, including one second-place finish, he has yet to secure a top-three finish this season. 

In comparison to other talented young drivers like George Russell and Charles Leclerc, Norris lacks the same level of competitiveness due to the limitations of McLaren’s package. 

This has fueled his desire to explore options where he can have the privilege of driving for a stronger team in the future.

With two years remaining on his McLaren contract, Norris intends to let it run its course before making any final decisions about his future. 

He acknowledges that he constantly monitors potential opportunities and wonders what his career would be like with a more prominent team.

Norris admitted, “As a driver, you always keep an eye on things. It’s something every driver on the grid does. 

“Sometimes, I do think about what would happen if I were in a different position. 

“However, I’m not someone who wastes time dwelling on it or wishing for something else. 

“I’ve reached a point where I am content to keep focused and work hard. 

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“When the time comes for a change, it will happen. 

“But I don’t get carried away with those thoughts. Like everyone, I daydream about different aspects of life.”

Norris’ manager was recently spotted speaking to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, prompting speculation of the Briton switching to Red Bull.