2023 Australian Grand Prix organiser makes big claim

The Australian Grand Prix has undergone a number of changes in recent seasons.

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit back in 2020, the Australian Grand Prix was one of the casualties, with the race being abandoned as the season ground to a halt.

The race in Australia would not be seen again until last season, when the Australian Grand Prix returned to the calendar with a number of changes to the track’s layout.

The Turn 9-10 chicane was removed and Turns 3, 6, 13 and 15 were widened to encourage faster and more competitive racing.

Another change that was planned for the Grand Prix was the addition of a fourth DRS zone, which was trialled during the first two practice session of last year’s race weekend.

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This DRS zone down the long left-hand sweep to what is now Turn 9 was scrapped before the race however, after the FIA raised concerns about the new addition.

Australian Grand Prix organiser Andrew Westacott has now confirmed that the fourth DRS zone will feature this year, having held positive talks with Formula One and the FIA.

This would make the 2023 Australian Grand Prix the fastest yet.

“It will be the fastest race in Melbourne ever and that is a result of a number of things,” he told the Herald Sun.

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“You’ve got the evolution of the cars from last year, and they’ve obviously got better and the fourth DRS zone means the cars will be quicker around the back of the circuit.

“Which will obviously increase speed and therefore reduce lap time and make it the quickest Grand Prix and the highest average speed ever in Melbourne.

“I’ve had positive feedback from the FIA and Formula One that technically speaking a fourth DRS zone will be implemented.

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“That means the cars will be going faster coming into Turn 11 and if they are going faster, that means faster through that whole area and faster lap times. And it will be the fastest F1 race in history in Melbourne.”

The DRS zone will stretch over the 1.3km sweep midway through the circuit, allowing the cars to reach speeds of up to 340hm/h.

The Australian Grand Prix will feature an Australian driver once again this season, as McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri experiences his home Grand Prix for the first time in F1.