‘Your Racism Is Showing’: Actress Accuses Lando Norris Of Being Racist

Lando Norris posted an apology on social media on Tuesday which appeared to be directed at Lewis Hamilton and Lance Stoll.

Following the Portuguese Grand Prix, which saw Lewis Hamilton surpass Michael Schumacher’s longstanding record of 91 victories, Lando Norris seemingly downplayed the six-time World Champion’s achievement.

Specifically, he said Hamilton’s dominant Mercedes should be winning pretty much every race and suggested that he only needs to beat his team-mate and Max Verstappen to win.

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“I’m just happy for him, nothing more. It doesn’t mean anything to me, really. He’s in a car which should win every race, basically.

“He has to beat one or two other drivers, that’s it. Fair play to him, he’s still doing the job he has to do,” Norris added.

On Tuesday, he took to Twitter to post an apology which appeared to be directed at Lewis Hamilton and Lance Stoll (Norris used several expletives against the Canadian after they collided in the Portuguese GP.)

However, some social media users described his apology as half-hearted, while one in particular – a London-based actress – accused Lando Norris of being racist towards Lewis Hamilton.

This controversial comment triggered hundreds of replies, most of which were posted in defence of Norris.

A number of fans suggested she has likely never watched an F1 race before and is unaware of what exactly Norris is apologising for.

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