Williams break silence on Porsche partnership

Porsche have revealed a new Instagram account to cover all of their motorsport activities.

It’s safe to say that Porsche have disappointed a lot of the Formula 1 community, after the German manufacturer had thousands believing that they were going to announce a deal with Williams.

Eagle-eyed members of the F1 community noticed that the Germans had deleted all posts from their Porsche Formula E Instagram page, before uploading just one post.

This post, was a bizarre video of an old-fashioned television with poor reception, resulting in a somewhat static screen.

However, behind the static was an image of a person, resulting in people attempting to decipher not only what the post meant, but who the person blurred on the TV was.

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Several fans were dead certain that it was Williams founder Frank Williams, resulting in social media blowing up with people speculating that Porsche was going to announce a partnership with the Grove-based team.

Porsche are known to be keen on entering Formula 1 in 2026 when the new engine regulations are introduced; the issue for the Germans, though, is they currently don’t have a current side to partner with.

This was part of the reason why many believed the person on the screen was Frank, and in all honesty, it did look like him.

The speculation was so intense on social media that Williams were approached to comment on Porsche’s cryptic social media post, where they denied that the team was “up for sale”.

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“The rumours that Williams Racing is up for sale are inaccurate,” a Williams spokesperson told GPFans.

However, the spokesperson did admit that they are open to “discussions” over a potential power unit partner.

“We are open to any discussions regarding the supply of engines with manufacturers from 2026 when the new engine regulations come in,” added the spokesperson.

“We are happy with our relationship with Mercedes and appreciate all their efforts.”

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This statement by Williams left many with mixed emotions, given that Porsche will likely want a large share in any team they partner with, after trying to claim a 50-percent stake in Red Bull before talks collapsed.

Fans still believed, though, that Porsche were going to announce a new partnership as a powertrain supplier for Williams in 2026; however, the Germans suddenly disappointed a whole heap of people.

After changing the name of the Instagram account in question from Porsche Formula E to Porsche Motorsport, the manufacturer revealed that the reasoning of the cryptic post was to announce that what used to be the Porsche Formula E account is now a “global Porsche Motorsport channel”, for the company to share their racing action.