Why Sebastian Vettel is going to be unhappy with Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has been in excellent form this year, allowing him to run away at the top of the championship.

Formula 1 fans expect Max Verstappen to eclipse a record set by Sebastian Vettel back in 2013, which he could match next weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix.

Vettel currently holds the record for most consecutive victories, with the German having managed to win nine races in a row during his fourth title-winning campaign.

Ahead of his home race, Verstappen sits on eight consecutive wins, meaning he could match the four-time World Champion at Zandvoort.

Should Verstappen win his home race, then he can eclipse Vettel’s record at the Italian Grand Prix.

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Over 21,000 Express Sport readers took part in a vote regarding how many more wins the Dutchman will claim, with 88% believing that Verstappen will not only match the German’s record, but will break it.

Should Verstappen break Vettel’s record, the ex-Red Bull driver presumably wouldn’t be too bothered, especially as he’s seemingly a fan of the Dutch driver.

“Those one or two actions or just the things he manages to do with the car that just makes you think: ‘Wow. Now I don’t know if I could do that.'” Vettel said previously in an interview with Servus TV, whilst Verstappen sat next to him.

“Then there are manoeuvres, especially in terms of overtaking or under certain track conditions where you sit in your car afterwards and think: ‘Wow, I don’t know.’

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“He just has an incredible feeling for the vehicle, incredible control and he reads situations extremely fast. To think about it over and over and then try it is one thing but to recognise it right in the moment and to try it immediately and so quickly as well. You can only bow to that with a little envy and wish that all this continues for him and above all that he has fun.”

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It’s not just Vettel’s record on the horizon for Verstappen, as he’s close to breaking a record he only claimed last season.

Verstappen broke the record for most wins in a season in 2022, after winning 15 races.

Given that he’s already won 10 in 2023, the Dutchman has a very good chance of surpassing 15 wins, with their being 10 rounds remaining.