What would happen if an F1 car weighed 10,000kg?

The cars this year have come in at around 800 kilograms.

We have seen plenty of videos of what might happen if Formula 1 cars physically had zero grip, what would transpire if the engines had double the horsepower, and even how a car weighing absolutely nothing would get on around a racetrack.

What we have not laid eyes upon yet though is how it would go down if the cars all weighed 10,000KG.

This is what a YouTuber endeavoured to find out by firing up a mod of Assetto Corsa, and they got behind the wheel of the Ferrari F1-75 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to see how the cars would fare.

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Lining up on the grid ahead of the start, the cars, as you might expect, could barely get off the line, and it took around 15 seconds of lumbering down the straight for it to reach second gear.

It would likely be easy to forget that the braking points with the cars that heavy would be a fair bit later, and indeed, the Ferrari sailed off the circuit as it braked about halfway down the entrance kerb, sending it off into the wall.

The cars usually reach some of their highest speeds as they exit Turn 16 and head onto the 2.2-kilometre home straight, but the Ferrari could only make it up to fifth gear as it got to Turn One.

Once again, the braking point was so early that there was nothing that could be done to prevent the Ferrari going straight on into the barrier.

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It hit the wall so hard that it went straight through into the outer extremities of the paddock area, and the AI did not fare much better.

They all overcooked it and went straight into the wall on the exit, piling into each other as they failed to get to grips with the extreme weight of the cars.