‘We’re getting very touchy’: Lando Norris grabs Max Verstappen’s bum

Max Verstappen set a new record for the most points scored in an F1 season in 2022.

Max Verstappen can finally let his hair down and enjoy the winter break, with the 2022 season having finally drawn to a close at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Unsurprisingly, Verstappen claimed his third successive victory at the Yas Marina Circuit, in what was his record-breaking 15th of the season.

The Dutchman has pushed the record for most wins in a single season to a sensational new high, with the previous record, which was jointly held by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, having been 13 wins.

Realistically, the new record won’t be beaten for many years, unless Verstappen goes on to have as much dominance in 2023 that he had in 2022.

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The double World Champion has truly been imperious this season, with the Dutchman having won 68-percent of the races this year.

It’s not just the record for most wins, though, that he’s made his own, with the 25-year-old having claimed the record for most points scored in a single campaign.

Astonishingly, Verstappen scored 454 points across the 22-round season, working out at an average of 20.6 points per race, a truly unmatchable feat.

It would come as no surprise that Verstappen will likely be seen partying in Monaco after the post-season test on Tuesday, to celebrate another triumphant year.

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He was already spotted partying with close friend Lando Norris and partner Kelly Piquet in Abu Dhabi on Sunday night, following the conclusion of the season.

Norris also enjoyed a strong season finale, after claiming sixth place and the fastest lap, rounding off another successful year for the McLaren driver.

Whilst the Woking-based team couldn’t quite claim fourth in the Constructors’ Championship, Norris did claim seventh in the Drivers’ Championship, making him ‘best of the rest’.

He’ll be looking to try and push into the top six in 2023, with it also likely that he’ll be pushed by new team-mate Oscar Piastri, who is replacing Daniel Ricciardo.

Norris was quick to congratulate Verstappen on his victory in Abu Dhabi in the media pen, where he quite literally grabbed the Dutchman’s attention.

“We’re getting very touchy,” Verstappen laughed after Lando Norris grabbed his bum.

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“We’re getting very touchy.”

“Well done,” Norris said, although it appeared that Verstappen didn’t hear.

“You should see us in Monaco,” Verstappen said to the reporter, resulting in both drivers awkwardly laughing.