‘We have to wonder’: FIA criticised for controversial Singapore GP decision

The Singapore Grand Prix was significantly delayed due to adverse weather conditions on Sunday.

Sky Sports commentator and former Formula 1 driver, Martin Brundle, is left wondering why Formula 1 has extreme wet tyres if they never want to use them.

Multiple drivers have been critical of the blue-walled rubber, stating that there is so little grip that they try to avoid using the extremes if at all possible.

Rain was forecast ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this season, but race control opted to wait for an hour before eventually getting proceedings going behind the Safety Car.

The drivers were quickly on the slicks, and questions were raised as to why no racing was completed earlier.

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Last weekend, a monsoon-like storm hit Singapore just over an hour before the race was set to get underway, and the FIA decided to push the pre-race procedure back by an hour.

By the time cars were leaving the pit lane, the track had dried so much that the Intermediates were in use, and the Wets were not seen for the entirety of the evening.

It led to plenty of annoyance among fans around the world, as well as at the racetrack, and Brundle thinks the delay was far too pedestrian.

“Many in the know confidently predicted the risk of rain for the GP had largely receded, but the heavens opened about 75 minutes before the race,” he wrote his column for Sky.

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“Singapore is very used to this kind of precipitation and has the drainage gulleys to prove it, but we still waited until the weather front had completely passed before initiating the whole start procedure 65 minutes behind schedule. 

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“We have to wonder why we carry ‘extreme wet’ tyres all around the world if we never run when there’s standing water.”

Sergio Perez took the lead from Charles Leclerc on the opening lap of the race, and held on to take his fourth career win.

That was despite a five-second penalty for a Safety Car infringement, but because the Mexican won by 7.5 seconds, he collected his second victory of the season.