‘We don’t want this movie to be crap’: Hamilton reveals if he will star in upcoming Brad Pitt film

Apple TV currently have a Formula 1 movie in the works starring Brad Pitt, and Sir Lewis Hamilton will also be involved.

Sir Lewis Hamilton is thrilled to be working with Apple TV to create a film around Formula 1, epitomising the incredible interest that exists around the sport right not.

Brad Pitt is set to star as a veteran racer who comes out of retirement to compete against a rookie in a grid of vastly talented drivers, and the movie will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, who also directed the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ revival.

Hamilton has been brought in to help produce the film, and he is having a lot of fun working with Pitt, who also starred in iconic sporting movie ‘Moneyball.’

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“It’s a really cool project,” said the 37-year-old in Baku.

“We’re already working on the script for example … which is fun, spending good time with Brad which is pretty epic.”

The seven-time champion’s role will essentially involve being an authenticity consultant to help give a true F1 feel to the movie, and he is not expected to feature in the acting cast.

“I don’t plan to be in it, no,” explained Hamilton.

“Really my responsibility and something that I take on is just making sure that the cast and the crew in the background is diverse.

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“It’s really about showing how great this sport really is to people that maybe have never watched it but also making sure that we really keep the real heritage and the true racing spirit in the movie.”

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Hamilton indicated that he would love for some of the other drivers to get involved although, as we have seen in numerous F1 commercials, racing drivers do not necessarily make the best actors.

“There’s lots of people within the sport who are being a part of this, helping educate those who are trying to create this movie,” added the Briton.

“There’s talk of already how we’re going to capture some of the footage. It’s going to take us drivers to be involved in that.

“But we’re not actors … we don’t want this movie to be crap, which is probably why I’m not going to be part of it also,” he joked.

Hamilton will help produce the movie alongside Kosinski, Plan B Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman.