Watch: Lewis Hamilton baffled by birthday celebrations in hilarious video

Sir Lewis Hamilton celebrated his 38th birthday on January 7.

Being filmed in front of a crown of people is something that you would expect a seven-time Formula 1 world champion to be used to, but a recent video of Lewis Hamilton hilariously shows otherwise.

The Mercedes driver turned 38 last week and is set to sign a multi-year contract extension before the season starts in March in Bahrain, as he continues to hunt for a record breaking eighth world title.

In a video posted to Instagram captioned “Happy birthday to this legend @lewishamilton,” the Brit can be see celebrating his birthday with his family and friends at an expensive looking restaurant.

Waiters dressed in smart waistcoats emerge to place a cake and some desert in front of the now 38-year-old, to which he reacts in hilarious fashion by being completely baffled by what to do.

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Hamilton can be seen awkwardly smiling at the waiter as she places a birthday cake topped with candles in front of him, not knowing exactly how he is meant to react in the situation.

Those attending the meal then commence singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the seven-time world champion, to which he just sits there in silence, trying not to laugh while the popular birthday song is sung to him.

Just as the song finishes and the video ends, Hamilton can be seen awkwardly looking around the room, on the verge of bursting out laughing as everybody stares at him.

The Brit will hope that 38 ends up being a much more successful year for him than his 36th and 37th turned out to be, as the heartbreak of Abu Dhabi in 2021 followed by Mercedes’ uncompetitive 2022 would have been enough for any driver to call time on their career.

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Hamilton, however, claims that these failures have made him hungrier than ever to achieve success and win an eighth world championship and retake the crown from his rival Max Verstappen.

Toto Wolff has echoed his driver’s thoughts, suggesting that 2022 brought his team crashing back down to earth, but has given them fresh desire to return to winning ways this year.

While a new contract is yet to be official signed, both parties has said that it is simply a matter of time until Mercedes make their driver’s stay for a couple more years official.