Watch: Fans flee as Zhou’s upside-down car horrifically collides with fencing

Zhou Guanyu was involved in a scary accident at the British Grand Prix on Sunday.

Spectators at Abbey were forced into a quick retreat after Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo was sent hurtling upside-down over the barrier and into the fence behind it.

Off the start of the British Grand Prix, George Russell and Pierre Gasly made contact as they converged onto the same bit of racetrack, and the Mercedes went into the back of the Alfa Romeo, flipping the Chinese driver over.

His car was sent sliding on its roll hoop and halo through the gravel trap, before the car dug into the bed and launched itself over the top of the barrier and into the fence.

Remarkably, the 23-year-old was able to scramble out of his car and he walked into the ambulance under his own steam to be taken to the hospital for checks.

He later confirmed that he is okay on social media, and is looking forward to the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend.

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“Hi everyone! Thank you all for the kind messages. I want to thank the marshals and the medical team at Silverstone, they were really fantastic,” said Zhou.

“I’m keener than ever to get back on track, see you guys in Austria!”

In a bid to avoid the incident, Alex Albon braked and was collected by the Aston Martin of Sebastian Vettel, sending the Thai-Briton into the wall.

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He then slid back across the track and made heavy contact with Esteban Ocon, before colliding with Yuki Tsunoda.

The Williams driver was also taken to the medical centre for some precautionary checks, but he too confirmed that he is all good.

“All ok, the pets are ok but more importantly I’m glad Zhou Guanyu is ok!” he tweeted.

“Thank you to the medical staff and for all the messages. Eyes already on Austria.”

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As Zhou’s car slid towards the wall, multiple stones and bits of debris were launched through the fence and into the grandstands, forcing spectators to take avoiding action as plumes of dust were thrown towards them.

It is not yet known whether any fans sustained injuries during Zhou’s accident, but has contacted the Silverstone Circuit to find out.