Watch: Ex-F1 driver hilariously mocks David Croft’s voice during pre-season testing

Max Verstappen was the star of the opening day of pre-season testing after completing 157 laps, but the best moment of the day occurred off the circuit.

Formula 1 pre-season testing is arguably known for three things, new cars, new drivers, and unpredictable conversations in the commentary box!

Maybe the final thing isn’t what it’s best known for, but it’s certainly a typical highlight.

With there often being only a couple of cars on the circuit, those in the commentary box can sometimes go off-track in their conversations.

For some, it’s the random conversations which make them want to watch pre-season testing, given that there is absolutely no limit on how random they can be!

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With that in mind, veteran commentator David Croft and ex-F1 driver Anthony Davidson arguably made history as the opening day of pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit drew to a close, by having one of the funniest conversations in the history of pre-season!

The duo had been in the comms box for the second half of the afternoon/evening session, having also been in the box for the second half of the morning session.

Nothing is loved more in Formula 1 than a commentary duo who just click, with pre-season testing often allowing people who don’t typically work in the comms box together the opportunity to do so.

It offers a real freshness to the coverage with so many voices being heard, allowing for some truly in-depth conversations, or absolutely hilarious ones in this case.

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Croft’s usual commentary partner is, of course, ex-F1 driver turned legendary pundit Martin Brundle, with Davidson usually on hand for Sky Sports F1 to give a fascinating technical insight.

Croft’s and Davidson’s friendship was evident during their stint commentating together during the opening day, to the extent where Davidson was convinced that he could do an excellent impression of the lead commentator.

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Accurate is perhaps not the best word to describe Davidson’s impression of Croft; however, there was absolutely no doubt that it was wildly entertaining and hilarious.

A user on Reddit posted Davidson’s impression, with Croft having attempted to impersonate Davidson briefly as well.

The user titled the clip as the “Best bit of F1 2023 testing so far”, which is completely true. But truthfully, the moment could end up being very easily the funniest moment of the 2023 season altogether!