Vettel Admits He Will Be ‘Sad’ To See Hamilton Match Schumacher’s Record

Hamilton will match Schumacher’s Formula One win record if he claims victory at Sochi on Sunday.

Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he will be “sad” to see Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton match Michael Schumacher’s win record, as the seven-time World Champion has long been his hero.

“I think it has always been a number that has seemed impossible to reach,” Vettel said, commenting on Schumacher’s record of 91 grand prix victories.

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“Now, seeing obviously over the last few years Lewis’ track record, he was getting closer and closer and I think it was probably a question of time until he reached that.

“On the one hand, for sure, it will be sad because Michael is still my hero. On the other hand, I will be very happy for Lewis.”

Continuing, Vettel said he believes Hamilton deserves all the success he has enjoyed in the turbo hybrid-era of Formula One.

“I think he deserves all of the success he has had in the last years and he is going to have this year, and I don’t know if he remains, I guess so, and the next years.

“[So] A bit half-half…mixed emotions but that’s how I feel.”

When asked if Vettel can see himself matching Schumacher’s F1 win record one day, the German said, “For myself, I don’t know.

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“Obviously I’m far away but, as I said, it was always one of these numbers that seemed impossible up to the point where somebody gets there, gets close and breaks it.”

Earlier this month, Vettel said he will never consider Hamilton to be one of his heroes but he’s still happy for him.

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