Verstappen reveals what would make him immediately quit Formula 1

Max Verstappen previously ruled out retiring just after winning his first F1 title, as Nico Rosberg did at the end of 2016.

Max Verstappen reveals what could make him retire now.v1

Max Verstappen has revealed what would make him immediately retire from Formula 1.

The Dutchman won the 2021 Drivers’ Championship after a dramatic, season-long battle with Sir Lewis Hamilton which climaxed in Abu Dhabi.

After winning the season finale, and with it, the 2021  F1 crown, Verstappen got on the team radio to vow to race with Red Bull in Formula 1 for many years to come.

And, in a later interview, Verstappen ruled out retiring from the pinnacle of motorsport with one title.

“Quitting is never an option,” Verstappen said.

“I’m happy to be in Formula 1 and overjoyed to be world champion. I hope to be able to continue driving for many years to come.”

However, Verstappen has since said that he would immediately quit Red Bull and F1 altogether if he had to stop working with his race engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase.

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“I have said to him that I only work with him. As soon as he stops, I stop too,” the Dutchman said in an interview with Ziggo Sport.

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Continuing, Verstappen ellaborated on his relationship with Lambiase, saying “it is unbelievable how we work together.”

Max Verstappen with race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase.v1

He added: “Of course, we can be pretty strict with each other sometimes, but I want that too.

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“He has to tell me when I’m being a jerk and I have to tell him. I always told him that.

“He can tell me that on the radio as well, but it’s been going really well lately.

“The last few years I tried to be the engineer and he tried to be the driver.”

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