Toto Wolff reveals why ‘performance at any cost is not acceptable’

Mercedes have increased their female representation by almost 17% since the start of 2023.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff wants the Silver Arrows to become the most sustainable sports team in the world, something the side are already working towards.

Formula 1 in general is working towards becoming more sustainable, with the pinnacle of motorsport having the target of being net zero by 2030.

Even in the next regulations change in 2026, F1 will be making strides towards this goal, by introducing sustainable fuels.

With the way the world is currently going, Wolff is aware that performance upgrades aren’t worth the hassle if it isn’t done in a sustainable manner.

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“Performance at any cost is no longer acceptable in today’s world,” said Wolff.

Mercedes are using their finances to explore more sustainable ways to develop their technology, without doing harm to the planet.

The Brackley-based team are trying to understand their role in supporting the world and how to improve what they are currently doing to support a more sustainable future.

“Over the last year, we have grown our sustainability activities to get a better understanding of our impact on the planet and our role within society, and to further explore ways in which we can improve,” explained the Austrian.

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With it very much being a race against time to get to grips with sustainable and renewable energy, Wolff has insisted that the side can’t simply stop what they’re doing.

“Hitting the brakes isn’t an option,” insisted Wolff.

Mercedes aren’t only making changes to the technology they use, with the team also prioritising making the side more diverse and inclusive.

A reported 37% of Mercedes’ new employees in 2023 are from underrepresented backgrounds, whilst their number of female colleagues has increased by almost 17%.

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The team have also increased how represented the side is by minority ethnic groups, which has gone up by nearly 9%.

Mercedes have also introduced a series of initiatives to become more sustainable, whilst they’ve also updated their company policies and frameworks used.

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton is a known supporter of the work being done by the team, which he’s been heavily involved in.