Toto Wolff reveals if Felipe Massa ‘has a case’ to take Lewis Hamilton’s championship

Toto Wolff is keeping an eye on Felipe Massa's legal case should something come from it, as it would impact Mercedes.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff believes Felipe Massa’s legal case against Formula 1 and the FIA is becoming a “soap opera”, with the Austrian being convinced that the ex-Ferrari driver doesn’t have “a case”.

Massa has hired a team of lawyers recently to take pursue legal action against the FIA and F1, over the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

It was at the Singapore GP 15 years ago where the ‘Crashgate’ incident unfolded, where Renault instructed Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash to allow team-mate at the time Fernando Alonso to claim victory.

There’s no doubting that Renault manipulated the race, which ultimately cost Massa the 2008 Drivers’ Championship.

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Nothing was said on the matter until Renault’s actions were discovered the following year, to which Massa was informed that nothing could be done about the 2008 title as the FIA prize giving ceremony had already taken place.

However, following recent comments by ex-F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone, Massa is fighting for the 2008 title once again.

Ecclestone is quoted has having said that himself and former FIA president Max Mosley knew about ‘Crashgate’ when it happened but decided to say nothing to protect the sport.

Given the new comments, Massa is pushing for the results from the 2008 Singapore GP to be cancelled, something which would see him claim the title from that season.

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The Brazilian is also reportedly demanding compensation for the prize money he lost for not becoming World Champion that season, whilst his lawyers have called upon Ferrari and 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton for support.

Whilst Wolff doesn’t think much will come from Massa’s case, the Mercedes boss is watching on eagerly, considering that if the Brazilian is successful, then the Silver Arrows could be tempted to fight for the 2021 Drivers’ Championship again.

However, Wolff believes that unearthing events from the past will send F1 into “disarray”, especially when it’s regarding something which can completely change the results of the championship.

“I don’t think he has a case, to be honest,” Wolff told media ahead of the Singapore GP last weekend.

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“We are signing up to sporting regulations. They’re very clear, and you commit as a licence holder.

“If everybody were to open up situations then the sport would be in disarray, and especially when you look at the full championships: there’s so many things that have an influence whether you win or lose that I don’t see the case to be honest.

“On the civil case side, I don’t know, let’s evaluate whether there’s some damages that could be claimed. I think reputation, they have a difficult position, what is it? But yeah, for me, this is like watching a telenovela, or soap opera playing out in front of me.”