Toto Wolff makes unusual comment about Lewis Hamilton’s new contract

Speculation over Lewis Hamilton's future is set to be put to rest, with Mercedes having agreed a contract with their driver to retain his services.

After months of speculations and rumours surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s future with Mercedes, Team Principal Toto Wolff has finally confirmed that a new contract to retain the seven-time World Champion has been “emotionally” agreed upon. 

The uncertainty over Hamilton’s continuation with the team arose following his narrow loss to Max Verstappen in the contentious 2021 Abu Dhabi season finale, but both parties have now put those concerns to rest.

Following the dramatic conclusion of the 2021 season, doubts emerged about Hamilton’s willingness to continue in Formula 1, particularly due to the controversies surrounding the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

However, the determined British driver returned for the 2022 season, taking on the challenge of the sport’s latest technical regulations with the W14 car.

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Despite initial struggles with the new W14 car, Hamilton’s commitment to Mercedes remained steadfast. 

However, rumours of a potential move to Ferrari surfaced in the Italian media, fuelling further speculation about his future. 

Hamilton and Wolff addressed these speculations during the Barcelona Grand Prix, indicating that discussions for a new contract were already underway and that they were nearing completion.

With the summer break approaching and no official announcement yet, rumours began to resurface, creating uncertainty in the F1 community. 

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However, Hamilton recently provided reassurance, stating that the signing of the new contract was “very, very close.”

Speaking ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Toto Wolff confirmed that the contract had not been formally signed yet but revealed the team’s emotional commitment to the agreement.

 He told Sky Sports F1, “The state is, we haven’t signed it. But emotionally, we have done it.”

The emotional agreement indicates the strong bond and mutual understanding between Hamilton and the Mercedes team, signifying their desire to continue their successful partnership in Formula 1. While contractual formalities may still be pending, both parties seem confident in their commitment to each other.

Hamilton’s journey with Mercedes has been nothing short of historic, with the Briton achieving numerous milestones and breaking records throughout his tenure. 

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His seven World Championships and exceptional driving skills have cemented his status as one of the greatest drivers in the sport’s history.

As the F1 world awaits the official announcement of the contract signing, fans of the Silver Arrows can rest assured that their beloved champion is likely to continue his pursuit of further success in the sport. 

The emotional agreement demonstrates the team’s faith in Hamilton’s abilities and their shared vision for the future.