Toto Wolff makes Red Bull ‘victim’ claim

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says that Red Bull are trying to change the narrative to try and shame the other nine teams.

Red Bull have been a hot topic recently, with their budget cap breach causing havoc in the Formula 1 world, but Christian Horner has now said enough is enough.

The Red Bull boss claimed that ‘children are being bullied’ because their parents, who are employed by Red Bull, are being labelled as ‘cheats’ in the public eye.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff sees this as reverse psychology however, laughing off the comments from Horner with a sarcastic reply.

“I almost has to squeeze out a tear when I heard that,” Wolff said when asked about Horner’s quotes.

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“We also thought about how many sandwiches we give people and how we deal with various other cost pools.

“Whatever they’re over, a million, two or five, I don’t know, is a cash value advantage that you can put into development.”

Despite what seemed like a heartfelt interview from Horner, Wolff still sees it all as mind games and someone in the wrong simply clutching at straws.

“It’s a bit like reverse psychology, who is the victim.

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“And I believe the victims are the [other] nine teams,” he explained.

“The facts are nine out of ten teams were under the cost cap.

“One team is now arguing that they slipped over it with supposed non-performance topics, but these apply to all of us.”

The situation in the paddock has almost reached boiling point with Red Bull being heavily criticised since Singapore, without the FIA even releasing their final findings and punishments.

The rumour mill has caused a storm amongst those involved in Formula 1 and regardless of how genuine Horner’s quotes about bullied children are, everyone involved in the sport prays for a conclusion to the Red Bull budget cap saga as soon as possible.

A final decision is set to be reached soon with Helmut Marko claiming that the FIA have made their offer to Red Bull, and that they can either choose to accept their terms for punishment, or negotiate with an adjudication panel.

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“We are dependent on the FIA and waiting for feedback,” he said.

“I can’t say anything about it.

“This has been going on for a few weeks so a few more hours will not matter.”