Toto Wolff leaked Lewis Hamilton contract details to junior reporter

Details of Lewis Hamilton’s new contract have been been leaked by Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff.

During the Hungarian Grand Prix, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff sparked rumours by allegedly whispering details of Lewis Hamilton’s new contract extension to a young F1 junior reporter from Sky Germany. 

While Wolff refrained from making a public announcement, the junior reporter claimed that Hamilton would be signing a two-year extension with the team.

If the reported details are accurate, it appears that Hamilton’s bid for a long-term contract with the Silver Arrows has not materialised. 

Earlier reports suggested that the seven-time champion was seeking a five-year extension, including a long-term brand ambassadorial role. 

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However, Mercedes seemed more inclined towards a one-year agreement with the option of a further 12-month extension.

During the Grand Prix weekend, Wolff acknowledged that Hamilton had not yet put pen to paper on the new agreement. 

Nevertheless, he hinted that the deal was close to being finalised, stating that both parties had emotionally committed to the terms.

Former Mercedes driver and 2016 world champion, Nico Rosberg, expressed bewilderment at Wolff’s comments in Budapest, questioning the meaning of an “emotionally done” contract. 

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Rosberg admitted uncertainty about the progress of the negotiations and pondered why Hamilton was taking so long to secure a new deal.

Rosberg stated, “Can someone tell me what that means when a contract is emotionally done? 

“I have no idea where they are at, or why Lewis is taking so much time. 

“All of us hope that he will continue, of course, and it really seems to be the case. 

“Especially with the car progressing now, that’s going to help that contract process also.”

Despite previous suggestions from Hamilton that a deal could be signed within days, the Austrian Grand Prix came and went without a finalised agreement, as the negotiations continued without a set deadline. 

Wolff, however, provided fresh information during the Spielberg race, confirming that financial terms and the contract’s length had been agreed upon. 

He further clarified that these aspects were not the cause of the delay in an official announcement.

Hamilton seemed to confirm Wolff’s assessment, stating, “That’s correct,” but remained confident in his future with Mercedes. 

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Addressing his home fans, the British driver expressed his hope for an even more extended stay with the team. 

He remarked, “I’m hoping to be here a lot longer. 

“I feel like I’ve got another five years in me at least, no? Let’s see.”