Toto Wolff and Christian Horner comment on Brad Pitt’s movie

Christian Horner has joked about Red Bull's position in Formula 1 ahead of the upcoming film.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has shared a lighthearted remark regarding the forthcoming Formula 1 movie, playfully speculating that his team might be depicted as the antagonists within the film’s narrative. 

Horner’s quip stems from the involvement of Mercedes’ key figures, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, as co-producers in the movie project.

Hamilton and Wolff have taken on integral roles in the production of the anticipated F1 movie, attracting significant attention throughout the 2023 season. 

The movie has been capturing scenes on-location, even amidst the hustle of track sessions at the British Grand Prix earlier this year. 

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The snippets offered fans a sneak peek into the fictional APXGP team’s equipment and machinery.

Hamilton’s friendship with Hollywood sensation Brad Pitt has positioned the Formula 1 champion as an important advisor during the movie’s early stages. 

On the other hand, Wolff’s precise influence on the project remains undisclosed beyond his credit as an executive producer.

Discussing the movie with ESPN, Horner shared his enthusiasm for the film’s potential impact on the sport, stating, “It’s great that, again, it’s taking Formula One onto the big screens.” 

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The Red Bull team principal managed to insert a playful jab at his Mercedes rivals, jesting, “With Toto and Lewis as executive producers, I’m sure we’re going to be portrayed as the bad guys and the villains!”

Horner reiterated his support for the project, underlining its significance for the sport and its broader appeal, noting, “But it is great for the sport. 

“It’s great for Formula One, and the interest in the sport is just amazing.”

Horner’s optimism regarding the film’s influence on Formula 1’s popularity is well-founded, given the resounding success of Netflix’s docuseries “Drive to Survive.” 

The show’s initial release in 2019 spurred significant engagement with the sport, particularly in the United States, where Formula 1 has historically faced challenges within the competitive landscape of NASCAR and IndyCar.

With several seasons of “Drive to Survive” contributing to the growth of Formula 1’s casual fanbase, Horner’s excitement aligns with that of his fellow team principals. 

Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, also expressed his hopes for the movie’s impact. 

In an earlier interview with Sky Germany, Wolff highlighted the resonance of Formula 1 on Netflix and emphasised the film’s potential as a blockbuster, stating, “Whenever the movie is released, it will be a real blockbuster because the cast couldn’t be better.”

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Wolff’s vested interest in the movie’s success is linked to his recent financial achievement. 

As reported by Forbes, the Austrian business magnate achieved billionaire status earlier this year, and his personal valuation has since ascended to £1.25 billion ($1.6 billion). 

Given Wolff’s financial association with the Mercedes F1 team, the film’s enhanced spotlight promises to further amplify both his and Mercedes’ presence on the global stage.