Toto Wolff admits plan to sell Mercedes stake and move to Thailand

Toto Wolff has been the team principal at Mercedes since 2013, when he became a one-third owner of the team.

Toto Wolff is synonymous with the success Mercedes has seen in recent years, leading the team to eight consecutive Constructors’ titles and seven consecutive Drivers’ Championships. 

Wolff joined Mercedes in 2013, becoming a one-third owner of the team in partnership with Daimler and INEOS.

While the Austrian had believed he would take a step back from the team by the time he turned 50, he has now revealed he changed the plan in 2020.

No longer having an end point in mind, the 51-year-old is expecting to head up Mercedes for years to come.

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“In 2020 there was a moment of reflection. My plan in a way was to finish at 49,” Wolff told

“The idea I had before was to do something else, I wouldn’t have imagined myself beyond 50 as team principal.

“But something in me has changed, in the past each of my projects was based on a clear guideline: buy shares in a company, develop it, and then sell the shares, and that was the plan when my adventure in Formula 1 began. 

“But in 2020 I came to the conclusion that for the first time in my life I wanted to stay where I was, and I changed the strategy.

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“In 2013 I signed a three-year contract, and it was a very good period, so I renewed for another three years and then another three years. In 2020 I had to decide what to do, go on indefinitely or get out. And I chose the first option.

“The ‘problem’ is that I can’t leave.

“I thought about other scenarios, even the possibility of moving to Thailand, changing my business, basically changing my life. 

“But in the end, here I am, I’m in my company. I’m one of three shareholders and honestly, I think I had a great opportunity to be where I am. It is important to remember that especially when there are ups and downs,” he concluded.

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Wolff is in one of the most challenging periods of his career at Mercedes, as the team finds itself struggling to compete against Red Bull in the new era of regulations.

Last season, Mercedes lost its Constructors’ crown, ending behind Red Bull and Ferrari.

This season, Mercedes, once again, sits in P3 in the Constructors’ race, behind Red Bull and Aston Martin.