This is what Porsche-backed Red Bull’s sleek new livery could look like

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are currently racing with Red Bull-branded Honda power units.

For months, it has been one of the worst kept secrets in Formula 1 that Porsche are set to supply Red Bull with engines from the 2026 season.

The German car maker has already started work on engine development when the new technical regulations come into play in four years’ time due to the length of time it takes to develop a power unit in Formula 1.

Joining the pinnacle of motorsport next year would mean coming in as the slowest engine on the grid, so Porsche would have to work for three seasons to try and get on par with Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda and Renault power – likely to no avail – which would expend resources.

It would also cost a lot of money, so by the time they would reach 2026, they would have put so much into the engine now that would have little time to prepare for 2026, likely putting them on the back foot again.

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This is something now former Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess noted when he came up with the ambitious plan to enter Volkswagen’s subsidiaries – Porsche and Audi – into the sport.

He has left the company recently, and has been replaced by Porsche boss Oliver Blume, so things are quite Porsche central right now at VW.

Red Bull will be looking for engine supply in 2026 when their deal with Honda expires, so the consensus is that they will be outsourcing to Porsche.

Initially, the plan was to make their own engines from this year onwards, but they did not have the facilities for it, so Honda agreed to continue making them in Japan.

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They then decided that they wanted to make engines in 2026, and they are building a new factory in Milton Keynes for it, but this plan may also be scrapped as and when Porsche come in.

Porsche have recently applied for permission to purchase a 50 percent share in Red Bull technologies, which extends to the Formula 1 team.

As for what the car would look like as when the German company get some skin in the game, a smooth, silky black and red livery has been touted, as well as a silver, black and red colour scheme.

In one of the design renders, sportswear maker Adidas – who partner Porsche – are also present on the prospective livery.

Interestingly, Sebastian Vettel’s number five appears on the 2022 render, although he will be long retired when the 2026 season comes around.